Cajun Blackened Guac Scallops

With fresh guacamole served on garlic pita wedges. ~ 11



Served with garlic and lemon aioli. ~ 11


Very Gouda Spinach Fondue

Served with pita wedges and tortilla chips. ~ 11


Yam Fries

Served with our famous chipotle aioli. ~ 8



Jumbo shrimp stuffed in a fresh, halved jalapeno pepper, filled with a cream cheese mixture and wrapped in crispy bacon. ~ 11.5


Baked Brie And Berries

With mango salsa and a balsamic berry reduction. Served with toasted french baguette wedges. ~ 11.5


Bone Creek Ribs

Available in Salt and Pepper or Spicy Manhattan style. ~ 10.5


Adobo Prawn Mushroom Stuffs

Tiger prawns marinated in chipotle adobo and garlic puree combined with cream cheese, asiago cheese, and scallions stuffed into fresh mushroom caps and oven baked. ~ 10.5


RC’s Chicken Wings

Manhattan spicy, salt and pepper, barbecue, mild, hot, teriyaki, or sweet thai chili. ~ 11


Rock Creek Nachos

With green onion, red peppers, crumbled bacon, black beans and banana peppers and our Rock Creek melted cheese blend. ~ 16.5